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BBA Airline Management Course

BBA in Airline and Airport Management is a bachelor level program designed to provide training for managerial and administrative roles in the aviation industry. BBA Airline & Airport Management is a three-year undergraduate degree program and it is an intense course spanning six semesters, covering numerous modules (including customer service & personality development).

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About BBA in Airport Management

BBA in Airline & Airport Management is a program designed to provide training for managerial and administrative roles in the aviation industry.  An airport is a busy place so it requires a great number of workers and staff members to operate efficiently and smoothly.

 Experienced staff is also required to take care of factors such as safety and protection, technological factors, finances, etc. There is a huge requirement of experienced managers and staff to handle all of these activities. Candidates who are interested in managing all the aviation and airport activities may enrol for this 3 years bachelor degree. Candidates will be able to understand the working of the airport and getting familiar with the environment through this program.

The main objective of the BBA in Airport Management is to train eligible candidates for managing staff and coordination with other departments of the airport such as cargo department, maintenance staff and air and traffic control. It is an intense course spanning 6 semesters, covering numerous modules (including customer service & personality development).

The candidates who want to pursue this course should have completed class 12th with 50% aggregate from a recognized Board in India.

BBA Airline & Airport provides a strong managerial background especially in the field of aviation and the airline business. Through this course, the students can learn airport planning, passenger forecasting, airport security, fire safety, etc. This course will help them understand the business, recognize and solve the problems that may arise with the changing scenarios in the aviation industry.

BBA Airline and Airport Management: Course Highlights

Course level Undergraduate
Full form Bachelors of Business Administration in Airline and Airport Management
Duration 3 years
Eligibility Passed 10,+2 with minimum 50% aggregate.
Admission Process Merit-based, followed by an interview
Examination Type  Semester Pattern (6 Semester)
Course Module  CBSE (Choice Based Credit System of Examination)
Job Positions Credit control manager, airport manager, program manager, assistant airport manager, airport operations manager, etc.
Areas of employment Airports, airlines, Flight schools, Airline insurance companies, Sales & advertising companies, educational institutes, etc.
Top Recruiting Companies Air India, India Jet Airways, Alliance Air, Air Costa, Air Heritage, Air Deccan, Air India Charters Ltd, Spice Jet, IndiGo, etc


Why Should You Study BBA Airline and Airport Management Course? What is it about?

  • In today’s generation, time is the most valuable thing and the aviation industry plays a huge part in saving time by providing fast transportation.
  • The aviation industry is growing immensely, thus opening up various exciting opportunities for BBA Aviation graduates.
  • Here are some of the exciting points to know why studying BBA Aviation can be useful:
  • This course has a wide range of opportunities. It is one of the best management UG courses for students.
  • There is a high demand for the employees in this field because it is a wide sector.
  • They learn how to communicate, make decisions, etc.
  • Students learn different things about airports such as Airport Planning, Safety and Security, Ticketing, Customer Care Services, and many more.
  • They learn to deal with technical problems like Air Traffic and Control, Cargo Department, Staff, Finance, Coordination, etc.
  • It includes both theoretical and practical and is divided into 6 semesters.
  • This course is for those who are seeking administrative responsibilities.
  • This course helps you to manage staff, learn Communication Skills, and learn how to understand the management of the airport and aviation industry.
  • Aviation is an underlying driver for tourism and thus it significantly contributes to the economy of our country.
  • Thinking about aviation, people usually think about becoming a pilot or a flight attendant. But aviation precisely teaches about managing this particular industry.
  • The students are equipped with skills that are required to manage the proper functioning in the airport and also the airlines.
  •  Aviation graduates are open to various exciting job opportunities like credit control manager, airport manager, program manager, assistant airport manager, airport operations manager, etc.
  • The course also provides them opportunities for getting jobs in fields other than the aviation industry like product-based companies, advertising companies, marketing companies, logistics, etc.
  • The graduates also become eligible to go for higher professional studies like MBA.

BBA Aviation Job prospects and Career options

What are the Jobs Available after BBA Airline and Airport Management?

Many career and job options are available for the in Airport Management.

Job positions like Ground Staff Manager, Cargo Manager, University Professor, Maintenance Manager, Customer Care Executive, etc are available to these candidates.

Here are some discussed below for your knowledge:

Job profiles Description
Airline Contracting Manager Contract managers work in a variety of industries and negotiate any type of contract between the business and the client. Airline contracting managers specially negotiate contracts for the airline industry.
Airport Operations Manager They will be managing airport security, logistics, and airport emergency procedures. They will be responsible for the safety & welfare of managers, pilots, airport staff,, and regulatory agencies. They will be the first point of contact for other administrators, airline officials, and the public.
Assistant Airport Manager They help the manager to carry out administrative responsibilities. They are in charge of maintaining employees, airport equipment, airport tenant relations, or any other airport-related work.
Assistant Teacher They can work in assisting the senior teachers in the flight school or business school.
Credit Control Manager They help the businesses to manage their financial accounts by monitoring and documenting any pending payments.
Job Profiles  Role 
Ground Staff Manager Ground staff managers have various roles. They secure the comfort of the passengers by checking in luggage, giving information about location of airline, timings of airline, confirming and selling tickets, etc.
Customer Care Executive They have the records of transactions, inquiry details, application form, problems regarding airlines, etc
Airport Manager Airport managers overlook the employees, managing the future objectives, ensuring safety and security, rules and regulations, etc.
Teacher The role of teacher is to give theoretical and practical knowledge, planning lesson plans, etc.
Cargo Manager Ensures about time execution, delivery of customer services, reporting execution etc.


What are the Further Studies Options and Future Scope after BBA Airport Management?

  • Future scope in BBA in Airport management has both study scope and jobs scope.
  • Study scope after BBA in airport management can be MBA course, general MBA, MBA in Aviation, MBA in Air Travel Management, MBA in Airport Management.
  • They can do PhD programs after MBA Course.

You can apply for Government jobs like you can go for IPS and IAS. All the jobs conducted by UPSC can be applied by BBA in Airport Management candidates.

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