Retail Management


BBA in Retail Management is a 3-year undergraduate study of the key principles and operations involved in retailing and retail establishments. The course covers all the basic aspects of the retail industry and provides a student with the necessary knowledge and skill-set to succeed in the retail industry.

About BBA in Logistics and Shipping Management

The main focus of BBA in Retail Management course revolves around the study of activities such as purchasing, inventory control and management, personnel and resource management, marketing, merchandising, management of finances etc.

The course curriculum of BBA in Retail Management is so designed as to give a student a top-to-bottom knowledge of the functioning and supervision of a retail establishment.

 Students learn key concepts such as marketing, customer relationship management, strategies used in retailing, human resource management etc.

Graduates of the BBA in Retail Management course are qualified to effectively handle the supply, logistics and stock management of a retail establishment or of the retailing operations of a company.

 Students are also trained in direct-dealing with customers including problem-solving and interactions to boost relationships and sales.

BBA IN Retail Management: Course Highlights


Course Level Under Graduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility 10+2 with 50% aggregate marks with Commerce/ Mathematics
Admission Process Based on performance in entrance exam
Top recruiting organizations IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, etc.
Top recruiting areas Banking, educational institutes, healthcare industry, retail operations, and such.
Top job profiles Retail Executive, Advertising Manager, Administrative Officer, And Sales Manager, among others.

Why Should You Study BBA Retail Management Course? What is it about?

  • Retailing has been around the block for quite some time now. Retail markets, shops and door to door selling have been around the block for quite some time.
  • Retailers play an important role in bridging demand and supply gap of products and services. It is the final stage of distribution of a product or service (from manufacturing to reaching the customer in the end).
  • Earlier, brick and mortar firms (shops and stores) and door to door sales used to be the only forms of retailing. With the rise of modern technology, E-Commerce has caught retailing by storm!
  • With time, retailing has evolved. Shopping malls, E-Commerce websites and other multichannel distribution systems have made retailing sector bigger and better.

Retail Management is the process of management of retail of commodities to customers from retail stores, for personal use. This includes all the steps involved in:

  • Bringing customers into the store.
  • Fulfilling customers’ buying needs.
  • Saving time and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • BBA in Retail Management course trains students and turns them into skilled retail professionals.

What are the Jobs Available after BBA Retail Management?

  • Retail manager
  • Store manager
  • Operations manager
  • Sales analyst
  • Sales manager
  • Brand manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Accounts manager
JOB ROLES                                       JOB DESCRIPTIONS
Retail Executive A Retail Sales Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a retail store and overseeing salespeople, customer service representatives, and other employees. They interview, hire, and train new employees.

They may also prepare schedules and assign duties for current employees. They often work nights, weekends, holidays, and may personally handle customer complaints.

Advertising Manager An Advertising Manager oversees the advertising activity of a business. Specific role of an Advertising Manager varies depending on the business. They may manage the staff and activities of an outside ad agency that the business has hired, or create the business’ advertising in house.

Some general activities for this occupation include forming and directing the business’ strategy for advertising, implementing advertising campaigns, and supervising various advertising-related departments.

A specific Advertising Campaign Manager must estimate the campaign’s budget and approve the advertising material, and evaluate the campaign’s overall performance to its conclusion.

Sales Manager International Sales Managers direct, train, and supervise the sales staff. They coordinate the operations of the sales department across the globe by establishing goals, and monitoring the volume of sales from staff members.

They must also review progress reports to determine customer needs, sales potential, and the pricing of products or services.

Sales staff are typically assigned territories or geographic regions by an International Sales Manager, and managers constantly monitor and evaluate their progress.

Administrative Officer A Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is a top-tier executive who most often reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

They manage the day-to-day operations of a business and are sometimes referred to as the Chief Operating Officer. Scope of this position depends largely on the size of the business and the industry in which it operates. They usually manage numerous branches of the business including finance, sales, human resources, and marketing.

Operations Manager Business Operations Manager and government agencies plan and organize the activities of businesses, and non-profit organizations. Depending on the organization, they may also be responsible for overseeing a variety of departments from human resources to accounts payable.

Some job duties may include coordinating educational assignments for staff, reviewing budgetary information, monitoring expense reports, and interpreting financial data. They perform cost-benefit analyses on internal programs.

Further study options and future scope after BBA In Retail Management.

After completing BBA in Retail Management course, graduates may go for relevant PG courses such as –

  • MBA
  • PG Diploma courses
  • They can do PhD programs after MBA Course.

You can apply for Government jobs like you can go for IPS and IAS. All the jobs conducted by UPSC can be applied by BBA in Retail Management candidates.

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