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A career in catering on ships is an evergreen field. Irrespective of Ship or employer type, a boat needs a cook and a catering department to get its crew going. Good food and hospitality are what keep a team happy. If you are one of those with unique culinary skills, then this career is rewarding.

A career in shipping is perfect for individuals fascinated by the sea, love travelling in foreign ports and want to experience different cultures.

Shipping and Maritime are the two terms inter-connected to each other. Let us discuss maritime and shipping separately. Maritime is connected with the sea about navigation, shipping or trading activities done by the sea. We are considered to be the best Ship Catering Management Institute.

The program for Ship Catering was introduced for those students desirous of working onboard a ship. This course constructed for three-year duration by having six semesters under Choice Based Credit System of Examination (CBSE) named as BSc. in Ship Catering and Hotel Management, subsequently this course was renamed as Saloon Ratings in off-shore and Culinary Science & Hotel Management in on-shore the students get to practice and got placement in star category Hotels.

In the last few years, many Shipping Companies desirous of employing students with a higher level of degree qualification turned to regular Catering & Hotel Management Colleges. But maritime legislation advised such direct recruitment. The students needed to undergo Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping (STCW) and CDC – Continuous Discharge Certificate Course as per D. G.S guidelines before getting employment on Merchant’s vessels. By looking out this, we (IPMS Academy) also decided that the students who lacked the essential attitude required for sea life were trained to work in a more luxurious hotel Industry and support the students to presume the DGS Certificate by extra pay from the students. We also offer many Ship Catering Courses.

BSc Maritime / Shipping Hospitality Studies course is designed to provide trained candidates to the Shipping Industry with the right attitude and mandatory documentation required for sea life.

Course level Undergraduate
Full form Bachelors of Science in Ship Catering and Hotel Management
Duration 3 years
Eligibility Passed 10+2 with minimum 50% aggregate.
Admission Process Merit-based, followed by an interview
Examination Type  Semester Pattern (6 Semester)
Course Module  CBSE (Choice Based Credit System of Examination)
Top Job Profiles Chief Cook, Catering Officer, General Steward, Hotel Manager, Maintenance Manager
Top recruiting area  Shipping areas, Hospitals, Hotels, Airlines, Motels, Cruise Lines, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Industrial Canteens, and Resorts.
Top recruiting organization  Cambay Hotels and Resorts, Indian Navy, Alfonzo India Private Limited, Maples Hotel Palaces and Resorts, Basil Hotel Private Limited, TMC Shipping Private Limited

About Courses & Duration

Many Universities/colleges offer education in the field of shipping and maritime. In the curriculum of these courses, marine education with special emphasis on fundamentals of marine subjects and practical aspects of profession will be taught to the students. Various regular courses with semester patter are available in this field. Most sought courses in maritime and shipping are as follows:

This industry is ever growing and has vast opportunities thrown open for the candidates of Degree and Diploma as below

In general, the system on merchant vessels mainly divided into the following categories:

Deck Department

Engine Department

Catering Department 

How to Become an Executive Chef Cook in Ship’s:

Cruise Liners deserve a category of their own as they are one of the more glamorous jobs in hotel management. They keep you in touch with a lavish lifestyle while also offering a chance to travel on some of the most beautiful waters on board magnificent watercraft. Plus, the pay is exceptionally good.

Out of the various jobs on ships, one of the most important and often neglected-to-mention professions is that of a ship’s cook. Deckhands are the ones who serve meals to people aboard a ship but the responsibility of making those meals falls on the shoulders of a ship’s cook. Hence, if one aims to pursue the career of a chief cook, it is very important to first understand as to how to become a ship’s cook.

In layman terms, the galley is what is generally known as the kitchen of the ship. There are various types of ship galley jobs on ships. Every such galley jobs on ship are unique and allow a person to gain a lot of experience and proficiency so as to advance in the hierarchy.

The Catering Department 

  • Chief Cook
  • Trainee Cook
  • Steward

The point of hierarchy is very relevant because just like in other areas of jobs on ship, even ship galley jobs follow a particular hierarchy. Every person aspiring to be a ship’s cook, after getting the necessary educational qualification, reaches the highest point in the galley only through the hierarchy.

The following points mentioned below will elaborate on the aspects of educational qualification, types of ship galley jobs, and the hierarchy that these jobs follow:

Educational Requirements: 

The basic requirement for having jobs on ship and in the galley is about knowing how to cook. A person aspiring to be a ship’s cook has to have the necessary to peruse a degree from recognized institutions under from recognized universities that provide courses on culinary subjects. 

In addition to this, a person also needs to have a prior work experience for a minimum of at least two years in off-shore or on-shore. Experience is a very important factor because of the hugeness of the field where a person is required to work. 

An experienced person will know how to deal better with a larger crowd of people as opposed to someone who is completely inexperienced and unaware. For this IPMS Academy has decided and noted that the certain ship galley jobs want to accept by candidates who have experience in terms of restaurants and hotels on-shore / Land. By sending the Students for training experience some strictly require a previous experience of working in Star Category Hotels will help the Students to place the Students in ship as the ship’s cook.

Types of Ship Galley Jobs: 

The Job hierarchy is a major factor that comes into place here, according to that the below hierarchy will help clarify further:

The Chief Cook: This is the highest level in the hierarchy of ship galley jobs. The chief cook is the one who is in-charge of the galley as a whole. He is also known as the Executive Cook. It is the chief cook’s responsibility to check for the menus and assign duties to other professionals working in the galley. 

It is his duty to prepare meals regularly for the crew and passengers. He is also in charge of the food stores. The Chief Cook assists the Third Mate/Cadet in preparing the requisition for any/every food items to be forwarded to the company HQ to be procured onboard.

The Assistant Chief Cook: As the name suggests, the assistant chief cook is required to assist the chief cook in the planning and organising of meals and menus. Also the duty of the assistant chief cook extends to maintaining the presentation aspect of the meals and menus.

The First Cook: It is the duty of the first cook to oversee the preparation of meals and menus in the galley. The first cook is further assisted by the second and the third cook when it comes to the preparation of meals and menus.

Second and Third Cook: Their main duty extends to helping and assisting the first cook in the preparation of meals and thus ensuring uninterrupted flow of quality meals to the people aboard the ship.

The Party Chef: The more formal name for this professional is the ‘Chef de Partie.’ As the name suggests, the party chef is the one who is responsible for planning and managing party meals in a ship. Buffet meals also come under the purview of this particular ship’s cook.

Trainee Cook: the trainee cook assists chief cook in preparation of meals and managing provision

Steward: the steward, as the name suggests, is assigned tasks include cooking and serving meals on time, sweeping and maintaining the living quarters of the officers, and stocktaking the stores. It is also the job of a steward to manage the grocery accounts, planning menus, and documents the cost control issues.

These are the main jobs on ship in the ship’s galley. Some of the other jobs on ship include Cook Trainee, Assistant Cook Trainee, Storekeeper, Assistant Storekeeper and Pastry Man, trainee cook and steward.




Catering Officer Catering Officers are responsible for serving, cutting, and packing pieces of the wedding cake for guests to take home. They may have to try and fix the cake which is somehow damaged. They may be organizing bar service for guests. They will arrange for entertainment, photography, calligraphy, printing, video recording, and valet parking. INR 1,93,000
Chief Cook Chief Cooks are responsible for chopping vegetables, preparing meats for cooking and weigh and measure ingredients. They are also responsible for cooking the food along with the other chief cooks they are head chefs second in command. They will also help out the head cook whenever needed and stand in for the head cookduring an absence. INR 9,64,000
General Steward General Stewards are responsible for liaising with the higher general for specific instructions, and collecting the appropriate equipment and cleaning materials from the supervisors. They will also assist service areas for all specific functions like barbeque, buffet, etc. They also responsible for cleaning the ovens, stoves, grills, and refrigerators after finishing their works. INR 3,00,000
Hotel Assistant Hotel Assistants are responsible for providing support for the General Manager and do favors for all the aspects of operations at the hotel. They also responsible for coordinating the hotel activities and directing the hotel activities to maximize full potential, and give maximum focus on guests, hotels mission, employees, and owner’s satisfaction. INR 3,20,000
Maintenance Manager Maintenance Managers are responsible for performing troubleshooting to solve minor repair issues. They may also responsible for taking efforts to make sure employer property like buildings, hotels, restaurants are kept up. They will communicate plans for upper-level improvements to maintenance worker staff. INR 8,05,000


During the course we assist and provide the following documents which are mandatory for seafarers to service on board by paying separately fees.

  • A Passport
  • STCW – Standard of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping.
  • OCCP – Orientation Course for Catering Personnel
  • CDC – Continuous Discharge Certificate

All cadets have to undergo the following Value Added courses which are mandatory for seafarers.

  • STCW – Standards of Training, Certification & Watch Keeping
  • PST (Personal Survival Techniques)
  • FPFF (Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting)
  • EFA (Proficiency in Elementary First Aid)
  • PSSR (Personal Safety and Social Responsibility)
  • Security Course.

Culinary Science and Hotel Management:


Career Scope after Hotel Management Courses:

There is no doubt that the hotel management and hospitality industry offers great career opportunities.  Hotel Management and Hospitality is a field with a significant share in the service sector of India. As per an estimate, the travel and tourism industry supported more than 8% of the total employment of the country.

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and attracts a large number of international tourists every year. The number of domestic tourists in India is also increasing year after year. This is great news for the innumerable business-owners that rely on your annual vacation for their bread and butter. It also benefits the thousands of students who join hotel management colleges every year in the hopes of starting their career.

Purpose of Pursuing Hotel Management Courses:

Hotel Management is an attractive field but it is important to understand the reason to pursue a hotel management course. Hotel management is a field where practical training is crucial to becoming successful. Even a student who has pursued a course from the top hotel management college in India will not be able to land a good job without first going through the training phase. So, it becomes important to understand why even pursue a hotel management course.

  • The theoretical knowledge gained in a hotel management course forms a solid foundation. The experience gained after having this knowledge helps you become a professional in the hospitality industry.
  • Hotel management courses include practical training and hence you get to learn a lot of skills that help you become a seasoned professional.
  • Having a hotel management degree helps open up career avenues early on.
  • Completing a hotel management course opens up opportunities for higher education such as a master’s degree or PhD in the field.
  • You can look for intern or training opportunities in top hospitality establishments after completing a hotel management degree.
  • Hotel management courses also include brushing up communication skills and help boost your confidence to ace in a professional role.
  • Your hotel management college and colleagues are a support system that will help you throughout your career.

This is the reasons for pursuing a Degree course in Ship Catering and Hotel Management are different for each student and you may have your own. It is important to figure out why you are pursuing the hotel management course in IPMS Academy.

Job Opportunities after Hotel Management Courses

As mentioned up, job opportunities after hotel management courses are practically endless. After a hotel management course, candidates not only explore job opportunities in India but a large portion of graduates are also able to land jobs abroad in countries like New Zealand, USA, UAE, Canada etc. Here are some of the career options you have after a hotel management degree.

Hotels / Spas / Resorts

Hotels are the primary employers of hotel management graduates. The hotel industry offers good career opportunities and is great for freshers as it can help a candidate gain experience in a diverse range of operations. Hotels are also great as they are much more inclined to accept fresher graduates in trainee roles than many other avenues listed below.

Restaurants / Bars / Clubs

Many hotel management graduates can also be found working in businesses such as restaurants, bars and clubs. However, these mainly recruit trained graduates for its kitchen staff and managerial posts. Most of the other posts are professionals with no formal training. 

Airline Kitchens / In-Flight Operations

Airlines are other major recruiters for hospitality graduates. Airline industries mostly hire candidates who have a recognized degree, diploma or certificate course in hotel management. Plus, they have career opportunities not only in the kitchens but also in providing in-flight services. Airlines give you the advantage of being a much more organised sector of the economy and you also get better pay here than in many other industries.

Cruise Liners

Cruise Liners deserve a category of their own as they are one of the more glamorous jobs in hotel management. They keep you in touch with a lavish lifestyle while also offering a chance to travel on some of the most beautiful waters on board magnificent watercraft. Plus, the pay is exceptionally good. Do keep in mind that cruise liner staff is overworked almost all the time and you are basically on duty 24×7 serving large crowds of party-goers and people enjoying their vacation. While it is a career area preferred by fresher’s, more experience professionals generally avoid this avenue, choosing to opt for a more fixed place of opportunity than a cruise ship.

Fast Food Chains

Fast Food chains are one of the most booming businesses all around the world. Fast-food chains have an enormous network of outlets and have a restaurant even in many small towns and villages. Naturally, they have a good requirement for trained professionals to manage these outlets and hotel management graduates can look for executive and management roles in these companies.

Indian Navy / Indian Army Hospitality and Catering Services

The naval and land wings of the defence forces also open recruitment for posts related to hospitality and catering. The Army and Navy  posts are open to candidates who have completed at least a Degree or Diploma in Hospitality Studies. 

Job Positions and Salary after Hotel Management Courses

The table below contains a list of job positions available to candidates who have completed a course in hotel management or related streams such as hospitality, aviation and travel and tourism. The approximate average salary detail of each job position in India is also included in the table.

Job Position by experience Entry-Level Salary Per Annum Average Salary Per Annum Senior-Level Salary Per Annum
Chef Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 6,00,000
Sous Chef Rs. 3,50,000 Rs. 4,50,000 Rs. 10,00,000
Executive Chef / Head Chef Rs. 5,00,000 Rs. 9,00,000 Rs. 20,00,000
General Manager Rs. 7,25,000 Rs 12,20,000 Rs. 14,75,000
Front Office Manager Rs. 2,45,000 Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 4,90,000
Food and Beverage Manager Rs. 3,60,000 Rs. 5,55,000 Rs. 6,75,000
Rooms Division Manager Rs. 7,50,000 Rs. 10,50,000 Rs. 16,00,000
Catering Manager Rs. 3,50,000 Rs. 4,95,000 Rs. 8,00,000
Event Manager Rs. 3,10,000 Rs. 5,00,000 Rs. 6,60,000
Bartender Rs. 1,75,000 Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 4,80,000
Tourist Guide Rs. 2,50,000 Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 4,50,000
Airline Ticketing Agent Rs. 2,25,000 Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 4,50,000
Travel Agent Rs. 1,85,000 Rs. 2,80,000 Rs. 3,97,000

Hotel management graduates can also look for career opportunities abroad and earn decent salaries. The average starting salary after a hotel management course with minimum 3 years experience is reported to be $6,000 (approx. Rs. 4,50,000) to $7,000 (approx. Rs. 5,25,000) in the USA.

Top Recruiting Companies after Hotel Management Courses

Given below are some of the top companies recruiting candidates who have completed hotel management courses in India.

  • ITC Group of Hotels
  • Oberoi Group of Hotels
  • Ambassador Group of Hotels
  • Le Meridien Group of Hotels
  • Casino Group of Hotels
  • Mansingh Group of Hotels
  • Jaypee Group of Hotels
  • Welcome Heritage Group of Hotels
  • Peerless Group of Hotels
  • Sarovar Park Group of Hotels
  • Sinclairs Group of Hotels
  • Tulip Star Group of Hotels
  • Best Western Group of Hotels
  • Fortune Park Group of Hotels
  • ITDC Group of Hotels
  • K Raheja Group of Hotels
  • Taj Group of Hotels
  • Holiday Inn Group of Hotels

Apply Now Check Eligibility To Get Updates About Field:

Students enrolled to the course are trained in the principles and practices prevalent in areas of:

  • Hotel Management, Food Production, Food and Beverage Service.
  • Front Office, Housekeeping, Computers, Financial Management, Tourism and Travel Management, and Nutrition.
  • Hotel, Catering, Travel and Tourism Industry, Railways, Airlines, Shipping etc.

Within the He / She Program’s curriculum, class room training is reinforced with on-the-job industrial exposure.

Ideal students for the course would possess:

  • Patience to deal with guests’ criticism even when you know you are right.
  • Willingness to work hard even at odd hours and yet be cheerful.
  • Good organizational background, excellent communication, and interpersonal skills.

Such professionals perform job roles such as receiving guests, making room reservations, handling correspondence, preparing bills, and keeping accounts of the guest services at the front office.

Other job responsibilities include keeping the hotel, rooms, bars, restaurants, etc. clean, and making them presentable to the guests, and ensuring optimum facilities and comfort to them.

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